• Hill Housing by Derek Abbott. Brixham Harbour project

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  • The House Book by Terence Conran. Studio in London

  • RIBA  “25 years of British Architecture”

  • Selected featured articles

  • Building Design. Six page feature on Rolf Rothermel, headed  “Renaissance Architect”

  • The Architect & Building News. Valerie Cooke & Rolf Rothermel “An Association in Design”

  • The Architect & Building News. “Not just a pretty face” – Westbourne Terrace

  • The Times, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail and Express. Articles on Abu Dhabi competition

  • Architectural Design. Housing in Brixham

  • Architectural Review. Abu Dhabi competition

  • The Architect. Glass house in Essex

  • Middle East Construction. Article by Robert Fawcett & Rolf Rothermel on the Middle East housing market and pre-fabrication.

  • The Times. Wapping River Police Station

  • Homes & Gardens. Front cover & feature on Glass House in Essex.

  • Times of The Islands. “Behind the Walls”. Feature on Parrot Cay Resort

  • Times of The Islands.  “A Blueprint for Success”. Feature on Wendy Been

  • Financial Times Weekend. “You take the rest of the Caribbean”. Feature on Parrot Cay Resort.

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  • Building Design. Shopping complex under Hyde Park


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